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Anonymous asked:

Yay you're back

Art Blog answered:

Yes! I am (sporadically)!

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Anonymous asked:

Omg! At first: sorry for my English! It's not my native language... I found your tumblr today and... your art is AWESOME!!! O my god I just can't describe it! I've NEVER seen anything better than your art, really!!!!! your style is awesome and everything you draw is. Can you tell me something? How old are you, and how did you learned to draw SO AWESOME????? You are amazing!!!!!

Art Blog answered:

Thank you! I think your English is fine, especially considering it’s not your first language. I am 21 years old. I learnt to draw much like everybody else - by drawing - but the thing that helped me most is practicing from life/reference and actively taking note of things from references ie., how the light works in the picture, what colours are there, what basic shapes make up the picture etc. After a while of drawing from reference you remember patterns and rules and how certain things affect shape/light/colour, and what kind of techniques you can incorporate to capture the image you have in mind. Technique-wise, I think it just takes practice and time to realise what suits you. It’s kind of like learning anything, like taking notes in class - don’t just copy what you’re told - analyse, be critical, figure out what is right and wrong for you and, of course, repeat. 

…Sorry if that’s convoluted! I just realised it might be difficult to follow if English is not your first language.

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missmoramora asked:

I miss you being on my dash! I hope to see you back soon! Hope you're doing relatively well! Cheers!

Art Blog answered:

Haha, I’ve been so busy and distracted, but I’m working on some things now that I hope to have done soon so…hopefully I won’t be inactive too much longer!

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arsno asked:

I just followed you and I'm breathless. Your art is really amazing! (PS: I'm using one of your pictures, let me know if it is a problem.)

Art Blog answered:

Oh my gosh! No, it’s no problem that you’re using one of my pictures for your dp. You’re so kind, thank you 

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suavitize asked:

oh my god you are so talented, I can't even believe those drawings are really drawings. I'm in love

Art Blog answered:

Thank you!!

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wighthound asked:

your artwork is amazing! have you ever considered charging more? you're really seem up to industry standard for like, concept art and what not.

Art Blog answered:

Thank you so much! I haven’t really considered charging more, mostly because I feel pretty obscure and insignificant in the art world. I know that popularity is more likely to bring in attention which is more likely to bring in money. As someone who is less well known, I feel as though I need to charge less in order to have people even consider commissioning me. I really appreciate you saying that my work is industry standard, though! That’s very encouraging to me. 

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Anonymous asked:

is there a chance you could show us your pant tool sai brush settings for when you use sai?

Art Blog answered:

I could indeed:

It’s nothing special. I honestly change the settings all the time, according to what part of my painting process I’m on. For example, the density is much higher and the blending much lower if I’m just blocking colours out.
I should add, however, that I do most of my work on photoshop.

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Anonymous asked:

Hello love, I'm quite interested in commissioning you as your art is breathtaking. I would love to have my OC Ryker drawn, Thank you

Art Blog answered:

I would love to draw your OC, if you email me at, we can talk it over there.

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