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wighthound asked:

your artwork is amazing! have you ever considered charging more? you're really seem up to industry standard for like, concept art and what not.

Dissecting Evil answered:

Thank you so much! I haven’t really considered charging more, mostly because I feel pretty obscure and insignificant in the art world. I know that popularity is more likely to bring in attention which is more likely to bring in money. As someone who is less well known, I feel as though I need to charge less in order to have people even consider commissioning me. I really appreciate you saying that my work is industry standard, though! That’s very encouraging to me. 

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Anonymous asked:

is there a chance you could show us your pant tool sai brush settings for when you use sai?

Dissecting Evil answered:

I could indeed:

It’s nothing special. I honestly change the settings all the time, according to what part of my painting process I’m on. For example, the density is much higher and the blending much lower if I’m just blocking colours out.
I should add, however, that I do most of my work on photoshop.

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Anonymous asked:

Hello love, I'm quite interested in commissioning you as your art is breathtaking. I would love to have my OC Ryker drawn, Thank you

Dissecting Evil answered:

I would love to draw your OC, if you email me at, we can talk it over there.

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Anonymous asked:

Hi, I found your blog but don't have a tumblr but would like to commission you. Like everyone else, I really love your art style. Do you have an email address you can be contacted at for commissions? Thanks.

Dissecting Evil answered:

Hi! I do have an email, you can contact me at

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sighlifesiigh-deactivated201402 asked:

I just wanted to let you know that I think you0re really really really talented and I really love your art!

Dissecting Evil answered:

Thank you very much! That’s so nice of you to say, and it’s encouraging because I should really get back to drawing sometime, haha.

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Anonymous asked:

Are you studying art at uni? I was thinking of doing so but would appreciate any thoughts you have on the matter?

Dissecting Evil answered:

Hi! Sorry for not replying , I’ve been out of internet for over two weeks, so I’ve been super inactive. My answer is - no, sorry, I don’t do art at uni. But if you want my input, I believe that doing art at a tertiary level CAN be useful, not necessarily for improving your skills (though it would be useful in that sense, though you can always improve without uni), but for networking, creating connections in the art industry/community/world, for exposure and so on and so forth. I do believe you should only pursue art at that level if you are truly, truly serious about it and are absolutely sure you are willing to make the necessary sacrifices for it.

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